A Great Seller Deserves The Space To Grow

Additional Space for a great seller.

Meeting Customer Needs – ANGLE BEADING

Angle Beading for plasterers is now an ever increasing popular PRODUCT and YOUR needs demands our support.

Therefore, the Company have allocated increased space in our TWO warehouses which this product now deserves MEANING Allfix  can now stock larger quantities of the most product items within the BEADING range to satisfy your needs.

We now have in stock increased levels on ALL the popular lines of Beading for you to choose from at both at our Head office in Poole and at our new branch in Christchurch.

Determining customer needs is an important part of ever growing business as we seek to ensure we hold what the customer wants when they want it. Whilst we still consider ourselves a company large enough to cope we always remember we are ALSO smaller enough to care.

Dedicated to supplying the Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering industries has always been our main.  Allfix will continue to commit to this as we expand our product range and services.


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Expanding Our Work Force

Allfix are expanding it’s work force with yet another new member of staff joining it’s ranks in early July.

This is will aid us in continuing to offer the first class service you’ve come to expect.

If you feel you could be an additional asset to the Allfix team, then please contact Josh Williams by using the contact info found here.

Expanding our technical knowledge.


Our entire sales team have just received training on a brand new, NOW IN STOCK! comprehensive range of

  • Laser Distance Measure’s
  • Laser Level’s (Cross line & Rotary)
  • Angle Finders
  • Stud Detectors
  • Damp, Humidity & Moisture Meters
  • Video Inspection
  • Electrical Meters

All from Laserliner®

Our on the road technical sales reps all have demo stock available, so if you would like a hands on demonstration or just have questions you want answered then we encourage you to contact our sales team.


Football Giveaway in Celebration of the World Cup!

Where did Scott go? He was supposed to be in this picture to tell you about our new Football Giveaway!

World Cup Football madness has gripped Allfix and we are giving them away!

All you have to do is Spend £65 + vat on any items at our Christchurch and Poole Sales Counters and one of these footballs will be yours.

How cool is that. See the flyer for more details!