3 Sales Counters at Allfix

Having Sales Counters in Christchurch and Ferndown to bolster our Poole sales counter has been a great success, we have had many customers says how convenient and time saving they are.
Every day we have new customers walking through the door saying “I was advised to come here” usually by a trades person, friend or family member.

Being an Independent keeps us adaptable to changing trends and needs. Each Sales Counter has slightly different stock ranges, we have tailor made the stock ranges for the requirements for that area.

Whether you just need a couple of screws to do a home DIY Project or building a housing estate, we are here to help and support you.  The manufacturing sector is also well looked after, with our large range of abrasives, hand and power tools, sealants and adhesives, not to mention the vast range of nuts and bolts, we think you’re well covered.

“Customer Service is at the heart of what we do”

Why Choose Allfix?

We are the south coast’s leading Independent Fastener & Fixings Supplier. That’s a bold statement but we feel we have what it takes to say that.

What Are Your Top Priorities?

Competitive pricing, keeping a good range of stock, fast deliveries and friendly knowledgeable staff.

We know we tick all these boxes as they are the top 4 positive comments about Allfix found on our customer service feedback forms through the Xtra email club and our sales counters.

That just scratches the surface of what we offer…