Turn to Multi-Stick the first hybrid polymer grab adhesive especially created for the Trade

Still using Gripfill 350ml? then try Multi-stick 350ml

The white, flexible, over paintable and solvent free alternative.

EVERBUILD MULTI-STICK based on hybrid polymer technology is the ultimate building adhesive, the first hybrid polymer grab adhesive especially created for the Trade, uniquely packed in a plastic 350ml cartridge. This superior adhesive has the ability to bond virtually anything to everything in both wet and dry conditions, and even underwater or in the rain. With incredible initial grab, high bonding strength, and almost limitless applications and other benefits, no tradesman should be without a tube of this next generation adhesive.


Don’t forget, Allfix sell insulation

Don’t forget, Allfix now sell insulation, we can help specify the product required and quantity needed for each individual job, whether it be thermal insulation for loft and attic spaces or for insulated acoustic rolls, Allfix will have you covered.

We can deliver direct to your site, so no time wasted travelling to collect materials.

Call us on 01202 519066, use our live chat feature or Click this link to find out more See the Range here

Easter at Allfix Sales Counters

We at Allfix love a giveaway and who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate, especially if it is Free!

Pop into our Sales Counters at Christchurch and Poole in March and enjoy a Creme Egg on us with any purchase.

But we didn’t want to stop there, bump it up to a £50 spend and get a free Easter Egg!

Top Tip!

Fill out a customer feedback form while you are there and get entered into a prize draw to win a Huge Thornton’s Easter egg.


Women’s feet are different the work they do is not.

Introducing the all new V12 women’s Range of Safety Footwear!

Women’s feet are different from men’s, so why are they frequently expected to wear smaller sized men’s footwear? This is not only uncomfortable for women, it can result in lower levels of safety, leaving them more susceptible to twisting, rubbing and other problems. Working closely with Transport for London, and the only remaining commercial British last maker, V12 have spent the past two years developing a bespoke women’s range which is perfectly fitted to the female foot shape. It’s not pink, it’s not patronising, it’s technical yet stylish safety footwear that is so comfortable it leaves you free to concentrate on the job at hand.

Safety first, as standard

As well as featuring the excellent safety features you would expect on a V12 product, such as a lightweight composite toecap, midsole and speed lacing, the range also includes a deep padded ankle support with additional anklebone protection. These offer comfort and support to the wearer, reducing rubbing and preventing ankle twisting.

Soft, tactile materials

The new women’s range is designed using high quality materials that are deliberately lightweight to offer overall better comfort. The high non-slip collar is softer both inside and out, the internal lining is much softer than standard and the number of seams has been reduced to avoid the rubbing sensation these can sometimes cause.

Female specific last shape

Women’s feet are different in both structure and biomechanics to men’s feet. They are narrower overall, have a narrower heel, a smaller Achilles tendon, a higher arch and a more curved inside line. This understanding was incorporated into the development of a totally new, bespoke female specific last, which will provide unparalleled comfort to wearers.

IGS sole – Unbelievable grip

The IGS is our most technical sole to date. We’ve adapted it to fit perfectly to the new women’s last shape. It still has all the incredibly slip resistant features, including a hex grip pattern for water dispersal, firefighter ladder grips for working at height and an angled heal strike for slip prevention and braking.

Safety first, as standard

As well as featuring the excellent safety features you would expect on a V12 product, such as a lightweight composite toecap, midsole and speed lacing, the range also

Check out the Intrepid IGS V1720 & Challenger IGS V1710 Here

CT1 Special Offer: Miracle Seal and Power Grab n Bond

We have a great deal on CT1 Miracle Seal and Power Grab n Bond

Great for use in the Trade and D.I.Y

CT1 Miracle Seal – Only £7.49 per Tin!
Permanently seals small leaks anywhere in the cooling system.

  • Seals leaks in radiators, hose pipes and water pumps.
  • Guaranteed; Will NOT clog the system due to a revolutionary new formula.
  • Is compatible with all types of water based coolants.
  • Is not affected by Anti-Freeze and will continue to seal the leak.

Miracle Seal:

  • Can be used to prevent leaks
  • Contains lubrication additives
  • Contains anti-corrosion additives


CT1 Power Grab n Bond – Only £9.95 per tube

Power Grab n Bond is a revolutionary product in the field of heavy duty versatile bonding. It’s formulation is based on our unique hybrid polymer product CT1. The density of Power Grab n Bond is far greater allowing phenomenal results in initial grab. Coupled with the rapid curing will in the majority of applications reduce labour time by at least 50%.

In-Stock now: Online & In-Store

Loyalty Reward Store Update

Allfix Reward Store Update

Wow, our Christmas Loyalty Store was a huge success!

A Mountain of orders for Drinks, Chocolates and Vouchers went through and we will get it all ordered and sent out as soon as we can.

A big thank you for your support and hope you all have a great Christmas with the bounty of goods heading your way.

For those of you who would like to be able to take advantage of our Loyalty Scheme, then please check out Our Loyalty Advantage Club page for more information.

Have a great Christmas and New year from all of us at Allfix.